Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Susan and Garrett - May 10, 2008

Susan and Garrett were married at the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in Rochester, New York. They had a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony and a wonderful reception. Susan and Garrett first met in High School but their lives took them in different directions after graduation. After many years, jobs, states and other obstacles they found each other again and realized how much they were still in love. 

Susan's dress. It was hand made and fit her perfectly. She was stunning!

Detail of Susan's dress which also matched her veil. 

Susan and her mom. 

Kurtis hung out with Garrett while he got ready. 

Susan and her dad moments before they walked down the isle. It was also the first time they had seen each other that day. They were both excited and giggling. 

A few of our favorite pictures of them. Susan and Garrett had a long list of family pictures that they wanted so we didn't have as much time to take pictures of them as we usually do. Kurtis and I were a little nervous about the time but we were able to get some great shots of just the two of them before it was time to go off to the reception. 

There were many toasts for the happy couple. All of them heartfelt, meaningful, funny and tender. I loved their toasting glasses. They found them in the fingerlakes on a wine tour. 

Garrett dancing with Susan's mom. 

Susan dancing with her dad. 

Susan and Garrett's first dance. The were not sure if they were going to do a first dance, but they did end up dancing together for a quick song. It was beautiful. 

Their cake! This was the greatest thing Kurtis and I have seen in quite a while. It was an ice cream cake! It was different and fun. Everyone lined up for a piece of it. Including us... ( Since we usually are busy taking pictures of the reception we usually forget that there is cake, also, since we are not official guests at the weddings we usually don't eat the cake....unless the bride, groom and or grandma insists, but folks, this was ICE CREAM! we couldn't pass it up!)

Congratulations Susan and Garrett!! Thank you for letting us photograph and share your day...and your ice cream cake!!

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