Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dana and Kyle - June 14, 2008

Dana and Kyle were married in a beautiful ceremony at Chapel Hil
and had their reception at Shadow Lake

We also photographed their engagement session during the fall last year.

Kurtis was photographing Dana and they guys while they got ready.

I really like this picture..... Kurtis does such a great job of capturing the guys getting ready. 

Dana and the Best Man waiting for the ceremony and festivities to begin. 

(....I can't figure out blogger at the moment and don't know why this is a link..... it really isn't)

Julia photographed the girls getting ready

It was realy really really humid and raining when the girls were getting ready to leave for the chapel. The best way for Kyle to keep her dress dry was to  stuff  it into a huge trash bag. The girls cut holes in the bottom of the bag for her feet....... too funny!

Kyle and her dad moments before they walked down the isle. 
Dad looked a little nervous.

Some of our favorite picks of the bridal party and Dana and Kyle. 

LOVE this one!

Great picture of the groom..... good job Kurtis!! 

First Dance - Dana and Kyle were so cute. They were all smiles and giggles all day. It was wonderful to photograph 2 people who are in love with each other so much!

More giggles and smiles....

Dana and the guys

Congratulations Dana and Kyle !!!!! 
All our best to the both of you for many years to come!

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