Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Michael and Heather - June 21, 2008

Michael and Heather were married at St. Patrick's Church and their had reception at The Blue Heron Hills Country Club

This is Heather and Michael's wedding blog. Amazing! Heather is an amazing DIY bride. She made almost everything for her wedding and blogged about it in detail. She also did an amazing job of showcasing our images from their wedding. I feel a little intemidated since she did such an amazing job blogging about her wedding..... I will do my best to give you our side and version of their wedding although I know it won't compare to her amazing posts!!!

We photographed their engagement session and really got to know them both better. They used the images on their wedding website, wedding program and card box. ....we were just tickled pink to see the images used in such creative ways. 

I was with the girls as they got ready. Heathers dress was beautiful. 

Her mom tied her great-grandmothers ring into the back of her dress as her "something borrowed"

Some of Heathers amazing DIY projects..... her jewelry and garter. 

The flowers were just stunning. Beautiful, bright and bold colors

Kurtis caught up with the guys at the house as they all got ready. 

DIY program for the ceremony. They used some of the engagement pictures. Just beautiful 

Heather in her hiding place waiting for the ceremony to start
Aisle runner.... another amazing DIY project!

Unity Candle - DIY project.

Michael and the guys

The girls dress and flowers. They were an amazing color combo. 

It was raining really hard after the ceremony so we spent some time inside the church taking pictures. 

Thankfully it cleared up and we were able to take some great pictures of the bridal party and just the two of them on the way to the country club. 

Here are a few of our favorite pictures of Michael and Heather

Kurtis and I had the best time at their reception. Eveything went so smoothly and everyone.... and I mean eveyone, was having a great time. 

Heather and Michael's first dance was really lovely. They were lost in their own world and having a great time dancing with each other. 

Heather and her dad dancing. 

Kurtis and I photograph many, many weddings a year and the toasts are either really great or just so, so..... The toasts for Heather and Michael were wonderful. I even teared up. (thank goodness for auto focus as I fumbled for a tissue!!)

Bouquet and Garter Toss.....Apparently it was rigged... I didn't notice..... (you will have to read Heathers blog to find out....)

Way, way too much fun at the reception. Everyone was dancing and having a great time. 

It was a great day... even with the rain. Thank you Heather and Michael for letting us photograph and share your day with you. We had a blast! ... also, congratulations and all the best.

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