Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving - Here is a little look at Thanksgiving in the midwest. 

We had 3 turkey's this year. Tim, our brother in law, 
is a bow hunter and shot a wild turkey. 
Mom prepared and cooked the wild turkey

Thanksgiving Day was at Julia's eldest sisters house. 
Here is Thomas and Stella (otherwise known as the Boob) watching Noggin
......actually Boob is watching Thomas eat a cookie.
Papa and Thomas watch TV before all the activity begins
Coconut hangs out as mom and Rome discuss the final dinner plans
Rome made the napkin rings and they were 
the favor for everyone to take home. 
Kurtis brings in the 2nd turkey of the day..... smoked turkey.
Kurtis and Dan sample all 3 turkeys...
 wild turkey...smoked turkey...fried turkey.

Thanksgiving Day 2 - at Em's and Tim's in Kansas City...
Kurtis is grilling the venison stakes that Tim made.

Tippy - mom and dad's new little puppy.
Thomas being silly.

The Clan.

Dan, Thomas and Rome
Tim, Emily, Buck and Lilly.
The Girls.
The whole family.
The Boys.
The Boys and Thomas.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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