Monday, November 10, 2008

Jack and Kelly - July 20, 2008

Jack and Kelly were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Sweet Briar. They had their reception there as well. It was a beautiful family affair with two people deeply in love. 

This picture was a pure accident but I love these kinds of accidents!

Kelly's dress had a touch of old hollywood glam and looked great on her. 

 The girls are watching the guys arrive. Jack is actually down on  the driveway. 

The guys were great. They were all silly, crazy and fun all day. This is the pre-wedding kick line

They guys set up laundry line and used clothes pins to attach pictures of Kelly and Jack for everyone to view during the reception. 

Jacks twin - they dressed this little guy to look like Jack. 

The groomsmen were in, kaki slacks, white shirts and ties..... and flip flops. It looked great and really reflected Jack and Kelly's easy laid back style. 

Kelly walked down the isle with her mom and dad.

They had an amazing gospel band for their ceremony. They were wonderful!

Here is a little slide show of Kelly and Jack dancing back down the isle. 

flower girls and mini Jack

The guys being guys. 

Kelly, her sisters, mom and grandma.

Some of our favorite picks of Jack and Kelly

They guys were a riot at the reception. They all put their ties around their heads and became known as the Tie Club for Men.

... and the girls were not to be out done! Yea girls!!

Congratulations Kelly and Jack. We wish you both all the best and thanks for sharing your day with us. 

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PatrickMMoore said...

Julia and Kurtis take amazing photos... it helps when their subjects are beautiful and fun!