Friday, September 5, 2008

Babies, Babies, Babies

Babies, Babies, Babies, everyone we know is having babies..... and they are all so cute! Many of our couples from last year and this year are having babies and I have been honored to photograph some of them. We photographed Lilly's parent's wedding last year so when they had Lilly this summer they wanted to get some photographs of her before she was over 1 month old. They had hired a baby photographer but the schedule didn't work out and the photographer had to cancel twice. Lilly's mom called me on a Saturday morning, explained what was going on and wanted to know if we took baby/kid pictures and if I would like to photograph Lilly. 

I was so excited and honored. I have been photographing babies, kids and children for sometime now but haven't really let anyone know about it. I guess it was just my personal project and not something I would consider work. (I still don't consider it work!) So I have decided to update the Kid section of our website and let it be known that yes, Kracke Photography does photography babies, kids, children, parents and children etc.....  I not done with the updates to the kid section but will be soon, (I promise) but I wanted to get the picks of Lilly out there so everyone can see how cute she is! 

Lilly at 4 weeks old.  

Lilly and Grandma

Lilly, Grandma and Mommy

Lilly and Mommy

Welcome to the world Lilly, we are so glad you are here!!!

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