Friday, September 5, 2008

The Blogging world

Blogger is amazing. I was looking at all the new functions and gadgets that you can add to your blog. We have added 2 and we need your help to make them grow. 

"Kracke Couple's Blog's"
I have stumbled across 2 blog site of 2 of our many wedding couples. It is really amazing to see them from this perspective. So if you are a Kracke Couple and you blog, let us know!

Heather and Michael

This is Heather and Michael's wedding blog. Amazing! Heather is an amazing DIY bride. She made almost everything for her wedding and blogged about it in detail. She also did an amazing job of showcasing our images from their wedding. The next wedding blog entry that I need to do is Heather and Michael..... i feel a little intemidated since she did such an amazing job blogging about her wedding..... I will do my best to give you all our side and version of their wedding although I know it won't compare to her amazing posts!!! 

Heather - you are amazing!

She also has a non-wedding blog where she keeps track of her and Michael's lives. It has been really wonderful to keep track of them and to see what they have been up to. 

Angela and Jeremy

Also, another amazing couple! Did you know they bought their own church to get married in?? Yea.. amazing couple! We have been very fortunate to befriend the both of them lately and have had a great time getting to know them.... We are mentioned in a few of Jeremy's posts. Jeremy is really interested in Photography so his blog has new photos daily. (I am NOT a big fan of spiders and hate to even look at them (even in pictures)  but Jeremy took an amazing shot of one at night!) Want to know what it looks like?   Check out their blog. 

The internet continues to amaze me on a daily basis! Followers is a little creepy but a good creepy and really amazing at the same time. If you follow "Keeping up with Kracke Photography" let us know! 


Julia and Kurtis

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The Olsen Family said...

Oddly enough I just started a blogger for me and Leif. And I do visit your blog when I get a chance to have fun online. It's pretty sparse right now, but there is a sneak peak into the next project we'd like you to work on for us. :)