Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Counting Crows Concert

Kurtis and I, with our friends Tom and Emily, went to the Counting Crows concert at Darian Lakes last month. It was, of course, amazing. If Kurtis and I were independently wealthy and could do what ever we wanted, one thing we would do would be to follow the Counting Crows on one of their tours. We love the music and try to see them every chance we get. Kurtis didn't think I could take my little camera in with me so I left it in the car...... everyone around me had their little camera's ...... except me.  : - (   I was dying to take a few pictures so out of desperation, and to get rid of the photo craving, I took a few shots with my cell phone camera. I have never used the camera on my phone before and truthfully didn't know how to use it. I was pleasantly surprised.  It took me a while (a month) to figure out how to get them off the phone. yeish.... sometimes technology and I don't get along. 

Here are a few shots of the Counting Crows. enjoy. 

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