Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chris and Nicole - August 31, 2008

18 men is kilts, 1 bride, 2 dresses.... This is the explanation for Chris and Nicole's wedding. Chris is Scottish, Nicole is Chinese. They blended both cultures and wedding traditions to have a very unique, colorful, and sentimental wedding. Chris and Nicole had their entire event at The Lodge at Woodcliff Chris rented the kilts for all his guys and his mom had to bring the socks over from Scotland. 

The guys line up to walk down to the ceremony site

Nicole got ready with her friends and mom. 

Chris and Nicole walked down to the ceremony site together. This is the moment they both saw each other for the first time. 

Here is all the guys... in their kilts... 

After the Christian ceremony and  champagne toast. Nicole went upstairs to change into her traditional Chinese wedding dress. 

At the beginning of the reception they had what is the quintessential Chinese wedding tradition: the tea ceremony. This time-honored exchange was created to show respect for the family. Historically, after they exchanged vows, the couple would serve tea to the groom's family. Today, many couples choose to honor both the bride and groom's families by hosting tea ceremonies for both sets of parents.

Here is one of the benefits of having 2 photographers.

"Ever wonder what is under a Scottish mans kilt?"

...a mini kilt...

As tradition the parents and bride and groom went to every table and toasted their guests. 

Congratulations Chris and Nicole!

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