Friday, February 20, 2009

Josh and Teresa - October 11, 2008

Josh and Teresa had their ceremony and reception at Glendoveers. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny fall day.

This is Josh and his brother. It always amazes me that no matter how old the boys are they still think bunny ears in photos is funny..... oh, well, at least they had a good time. 

The girls got ready at Teresa's parents house. 

The flowers were beautiful fall colors. 

Fall, boys, pumpkins, beer..... always a crazy combination. 

Some of our favorite picks of Josh and Teresa. 

The grand entrance. 

Josh and Teresa entered to the theme of Star Wars. 

Josh's brothers toast was a riot. It included props such as Beano, Dust Masks (for when there is no beano),  and a stuffed baby Yoda for their first kid. 

The father daughter dance was great. It started out as a normal dance and then they went into a complete routine with props, mic's, costume and set changes.... oh, and dance moves!

Teresa's father made the cake topper in his wood shop. It was amazing. 

No wedding could be complete with out the babushka dance. It is very similar to the dollar dance. You still have to pay a dollar to dance with the bride and or groom but the bride and groom wear babushka's. 

Everyone had a great time at the party!! Thanks for letting us photograph your day with you both!! Congratulations Josh and Teresa!!

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