Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nick and Alicia - September 20, 2008

Nick and Alicia were high school sweet hearts. We had so much fun with them when we photographed their engagement session and we had just as much if not more fun at the wedding. They were married and had their ceremony at the Batavia Country Club. 

Alicia's mom sewed the wedding dates of her and her husband into Alicia's dress as good luck.

Alicia and her dad wait to walk down the isle.

Here are some of our favorite pictures of Nick and Alicia

Nick and Alicia's first dance was amazing! It was choreographed down to her dress. They started out with a typical first dance for a few minutes. Then the music changed and Nick helped Alicia take off her skirt. They did an amazing dance that took everyone by surprise!

Off comes the dress

and on with the dance moves!

The dress then came back on for the remaining of the reception. It was amazing. We had never seen a two piece dress or a first dance like that!

 a horse ride a cowboy....

Congratulations Nick and Alicia!

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