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Doug and Sarah - September 28, 2008

Doug and Sarah's wedding was very laid back and easy going. It was all about family and friends. The had their celebration at The Rabbit Room in Honeoye Falls, NY. Sarah wasn't interested in having lots of getting ready pictures so I took a few pictures of her when she was all dressed and ready. Her dress was beautiful! So delicate with all the lace. 

Sarah and her dad waited on the 2nd floor for the ceremony to start. 

They both requested this picture...

The flower girl was such a little cutie pie. 

Sarah with her grandfather after the ceremony. 

Doug and Sarah wanted pictures with everyone. So we took many group pictures. These three are my favorite. It is of Sarah and her brother...... Every family has pictures like these!

They were so funny, and in this last picture they have the smiles they most likely did at ages 6 and 4. 

The flower girl didn't want her picture taken but she would allow us to take a picture of her flowers. 

2 more cutie's

Here are a few pictures of they guys. They were great and were willing to do anything. ...although most of the ideas were theirs. 

This is my favorite. They thought I was nuts for laying on the floor to take a picture.... little did they know how great it would turn out. 

Since we took so many group pictures it left us with 20-30 min. to take pictures of Sarah and Doug. Even though we were short of time. I think we still were able to capture the essence of Doug and Sarah. 

This picture was their idea. They had seen this sign on their way into town and thought it would be funny to have their picture taken in front of it. We thought it was a great idea so off we went lickety-split. 

I loved Sarah's flowers. They were so natural, beautiful and simple. 

The flowers for the tables were also natural, beautiful and simple. 

We couldn't help ourselves.... The Rabbit Room .... carrots.... statue of a rabbit... ha ha ha 

Doug had cufflinks made with their silhouettes and the silhouettes became part of their theme and favors. 

The Grand Entrance - Ta da!

After they saw their images Sarah let me know that the image we captured of them when they entered the tent for their grand announcement and kissed was their favorite. I have to admit, it is a nice picture and really captured the love between the two. 

The first Dance

These 2 little characters were a riot. I love the bow tie. 

Father daughter dance

Sarah danced with her grandfather later in the evening. 

Congratulations Doug and Sarah!!!

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